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Photography Rates

My photography pricing is calculated primarily on an hourly basis. I can however customize a package to specifically meet your requirements. Please get in touch.

Here is a guide to my pricing:

between 1 to 3hrs     E850per hour

between  4 to 6hrs     E750per hour

between 7 to 12hrs     E650per hour

Photo Albums

I offer a variety of high-end Photo Albums ranging is sizes from 20 x 20cm to 40 x 30cm. There are 3 cover options to choose from namely; Gloss Printed hardcover, Leather all round and a combination of Gloss Print & Leather. Pricing starts at E1480 for the 20 x 20cm Gloss Printed with 20 pages. Additional pages can be purchased depending on the number of images selected for the Album. 

I recommend having a meeting to view some samples and to decide on size, cover option and number of pages. Please feel free to give me a call.

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